Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Here we go!

How did this come to pass? Being a "passionate centrist" isn't easy when you live in San Francisco. Seems every week some ludicrous story breaks about The City, who runs it and how.

My favorite example is The City not only providing for city employees' sex change operations (if that weren't enough), The City pays for sex change operations for worker's domestic partners. Think about that for a moment - tax payer funds being used to change the sex of one of the partners in predominantly same sex couples.

Just the other day a City Council member, Matt Gonzales was "honorary" Mayor of the Day, while the usual character, the honorable Willie Brown was out of town. Mr. Gonzales wasted little time to appoint two commissioners. The irony that Mr. Gonzales is a vocal champion of "Sunshine" policies (openness in government) was lost on himself.

But it is often the little things that happen daily in this town that assault the common senses and can drive a sane man mad.

Last evening had one of those moments.

At a friend's birthday last night, one of the guests presented a burned CD to the birthday girl. Upon handing over the gift, the gentleman noted the peace sign he'd created on the cover saying "it's a peace sign...for Iraq".

What did that mean? Peace for Iraq? I overheard an earlier conversation of his about Bush lying, yada, yada, yada...so I was already a little sensitive to anything he might say or do. Its been bothering me all day. Does he wish the terrorists cease killing American soldiers and allow Iraq to gain independence and thereby a fighting chance at creating the first legitimate Democracy in the Middle East? Highly doubtful. Does he hope American soldiers kill all of the terrorists, Baathists and other criminals who are desperately trying to regain power? No way. Did he think there was peace in Iraq prior to the war, in spite of the torture, oppression, sanctions and no-fly zones? Maybe. Was this wish for peace a plea for those who are murdering U.S. soldiers, Iraqi civilians and international humanitarian workers to stop the killing out of the goodness of their hearts? As silly as that is, it's possible that is what he meant.

Peace for Iraq. Who's against peace but our enemies?

I'm convinced that he meant it as an apology. For what? Liberating 24 million people? No. It was an apology for our success, affluence and power. He feels guilty and for some reason, saying "Peace for Iraq" makes him feel better than getting rid of Saddam.


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