Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Abu Whatever

When you think of Auschwitz what image comes to mind? Dachau? Treblinka?

Now, what image do you get when you hear Abu Gharaib?

Thanks to the media, generations will pass and not reflect upon the thousands who were brutally tortured and murdered in that prison when its name is invoked. It is insulting to their suffering and their memory that the real atrocities committed there by the Saddam regime won't be what is condemned, but the actions of a tiny few of those who liberated the hell hole.

Today, I heard that the New York Times has run 48 front page stories to date on the Abu Gharaib prison abuse. This morning's Times had yet another extended editorial on the subject.

The moral confusion, double standards and just plain dishonesty of what is known as the "Paper of Record" is breathtaking.


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