Tuesday, December 16, 2003


They say "timing is everything". The timing of recent events have been incredibly fortuitous for President Bush.

Just as the press was trying their hardest to pump up the Haliburton non-story and immediately after Al Gore stuck a shiv in Lieberman's back by endorsing Howard Dean, U.S. forces captured Saddam Hussein alive. The timing has been so good that some Democrats are becoming a little unhinged.

Bush's lucky streak started last month after Hillary flew all the way to Afghanistan thinking this would make her look stateswoman like, only to have Bush's dramatic Thanksgiving surprise thrill the troops in Iraq. The different reception each politician received could not have been more stark. I would love to have seen a tape of her face when she found out that Air Force One was in Baghdad. Even better, Bush's trip had been planned for weeks, so they couldn't even claim it was done to upstage the Senator.

In addition the economy is picking up steam, employment figures are up and the Dow broke the 10,000 barrier, just as we are heading into the presidential primary season.

Yes, they say "timing is everything" but they also say "you make your own luck".


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