Friday, April 02, 2004

Bad Bounces

Remember Gore's speech on Global Warming a few months back that happened to be on the coldest day in New York in decades? I love bad timing by the bad guys.

Today we were blessed with another example. From the AFL/CIO website: "The Show Us the Jobs™ tour arrives in Washington, D.C., today for a hero's welcome from the union movement and a day of telling lawmakers that America needs new policies that will create and retain good jobs".

From today's CNN/Money: U.S. Job Growth Soars. "U.S. payrolls grew at the fastest pace in nearly four years in March, the government said Friday, in a report that soared past Wall Street forecasts".

Payrolls outside the farm sector grew by 308,000 jobs in March, the Labor Department reported, compared with a revised gain of 46,000 in February.

Contrast this with my entry below on Bush's fortunate timing. This must be driving them crazy. May it continue. (knock on wood).