Friday, March 19, 2004

Bush Lied...

Tomorrow there are scheduled "anti-war" demonstrations in various places around the country commemorating the year anniversary of the beginning of the war to liberate Iraq.

I use the quotes around "anti-war' because the groups organizing these demonstrations aren't "anti-war" or even "pro-peace", they simply want the U.S. to fail.

No doubt there will be plenty of speeches and placards declaring "Bush Lied" about the weapons of mass destruction. People who say "Bush Lied" have an agenda and that agenda does not include the truth.

Other than the inconvenient fact that the previous administration believed Saddam had huge stockpiles of WMD's, every intelligence agency on earth believed that Saddam had huge stockpiles of WMD's, the U.N. cataloged his huge stockpiles and Saddam used WMD's on his own people....other than all of that - Saddam himself and all of his generals believed he had WMD's!

Thus, if U.S. intelligence devised a lie detector that was 100% effective and secretly plugged Saddam and his generals to this machine before the war, we would still have concluded Saddam had huge stockpiles of WMD's.

Was this an intelligence failure? Yes. What exactly should we do about this now? Put Saddam back in power? The protests tomorrow are advertised as a rally to "bring the troops home now". Anybody want to guess what would happen then? Civil war.

If it wasn't obvious before it is now - the protesters don't love Iraqis, nor do they love peace. They hate America.


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