Friday, July 09, 2004

Bush Haters

Why do they hate Bush so much? His amiable personality should not elicit such emotions from so many. Here's my personal view:

Democrats are still not over the 2000 election. Even those who acknowledge that Bush did indeed rightly win Florida are still bitter over their narrow defeat.

With such circumstances, they expected Bush to be a weak president with no mandate.

Everything changed after September 11, 2001. After 9/11, Bush became a strong leader with tremendous popular support to do what he believed he had to do to protect the country. This popularity, strength and, perhaps most of all, his moral conviction has made them unhinged to the point that they are more concerned with fictional "lies" about war than rejoice in the liberation of 50,000,000 human beings from the clutches of two of the most brutal regimes that ever existed. Remember, these are the same people who proclaim loudest their passions on "human rights", "social justice" and "equality". Well, George Bush has done more for human rights, social justice and equality than any one person since Winston Churchill or FDR. Prior to that you'd have to go to Abraham Lincoln.

This is the other reason that they are unglued. Should this administration be successful in bringing democracy to the Middle East, George Bush will be remembered as few world leaders before. They'd rather have a failed Middle East than a Republican getting credit for its success. I can only hope for most of them, its an unconscious thought.


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