Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Roberts Opening

Speaking without notes, Judge John Roberts said his duty as a judge was akin to that of an umpire not a player. He didn't pitch or hit, he merely enforced the rules of the game.

Democrats don't want umpires.

If a minority is batting, they want 4 strikes. If a female is stealing they want to move the bases closer together. If a rich player is batting and a poor player pitching they want to expand the strike zone.

You would think a problem would arise when a poor White man is pitching to a rich minority man. You would be wrong. Race trumps class in this game. Simply look at racial preferences in contracting, education and employment for examples.

You would think a problem would arise when a wealthy minority Black pitcher faces a poor minority Asian batter. You would be wrong, again. Black trumps Asian trumps class here. Again, look at our racial preferences to our elite universities and magnet high schools.

You would think a problem would arise when a poor White female batter faces a male pitcher who happens to be a minority and loaded. Wrong again. Race trumps gender trumps class. Gratz v. University of Michigan reaffirmed that rule.

OK. The poor Asian man on the mound picthes the ball to the rich Black female batter. She hits a shallow fly ball to the single Hispanic mother in left field. The gay Native American tags from third base as the ball is caught and is heading home. He arrives at the exact moment of the throw and collides with the middle class transgendered Filipino catcher.

Out or safe?

The difference between Roberts view of the role of the Judiciary and those who hope to trip him up on his way to the Supreme Court, is Roberts calls the game the same for both teams; Republicans and Democrats, men and women, Black and White.

By the way the runner is safe - tie goes to the runner. Its in the rules.


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