Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Hillary '08

I've always believed that liberal positions are more emotional than logical or reasonable. Thus logic and reason alone will not be sufficient to alter the thinking of those on the Left.

For this reason, I firmly believe that the Left will not care what Hillary's posturing is. She is emotionally with them and will get their vote regardless if she is hawkish on Iraq or starts talking about personal responsibility. She cannot be beaten from the left because she has their vote locked. They know who she is and they know she one of them

The only hope another democrat has of denying her the nomination is to be able to define her as the leftist she is at heart and persuade the moderates that another northern liberal will get the same result. This effort will have to be brutal and I highly doubt any other democrat has the stomach or talent for it. The nomination is hers.

Something else that is interesting is that by 2008, Hillary's entire political career will be one completed term as a U.S. Senator and the wife of Bill. Which do you think holds more sway with the Democrats? Speaks volumes.


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