Friday, October 21, 2005

Were You Mislead?

I see in the press that the "Bush Lied" about WMD's mantra has become an unquestioned part of the dialogue on the War to Liberate Iraq.

After all, whenever you hear the Democrats say the more politically acceptable "We were mislead", they are implying that Bush lied.

What's always missing in all the debates on the issue is the question "were you mislead"? Certainly those of who still support the liberation of Iraq don't feel mislead.

Even more peculiar is even those who opposed the liberation of Iraq and keep repeating "we were mislead" don't feel mislead. Everybody thought Saddam had huge stockpiles of WMD's and the Left didn't care. So how can they now say they were mislead? They didn't care. Of course, they are referring to those who supported the war. But the question is never asked "do you personally feel mislead"? They don't and we don't.

We feel this way for a variety of reasons:

We realize that Saddam had WMD's at one time.

We realize that Saddam used WMD's on his enemies.

We realize that Saddam would rebuild his arsenal the first chance he got.

We realize there were plenty other reasons for liberating Iraq.

We realize the significant difference between "lying" and and being mistaken.

No one but the most conspiratorial and ignorant of the Left think Bush knew he wouldn't find stockpiles of WMD's. The U.N., France, Germany, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore...all are on record talking of the dangers of Saddam's WMD's. That's what makes the Democrats criticism so disingenuous.

Since we're on the subject of "lying" and "misleading" let's look at their record on reasons for opposing the war.

War for oil.
Israel ordered us
Finish Daddy's business

Are the people who espouse these ideas lying, misleading...or simply nuts? Whatever the answer, I don't know why anybody should care what they say.

After all, when a movement's slogan "Bush Lied" is itself a lie, we are not dealing with people who care a great deal about the truth.


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