Wednesday, December 17, 2003


Several prominent liberal writers have admitted they were hoping for things to go poorly in Iraq, such is their hate for George W. Bush.

Make no mistake, "go poorly" means dead Americans.

Bush's legislative victories, like the signing of the Medicare Prescription bill, along with the improving economy are all conspiring to help the President's reelection bid - and drive his political opponents crazy. These successes make the Iraqi war and reconstruction even more politically important and nothing is more politically risky than the situation in Iraq.

Of course there are people who for whatever reasons are openly rooting for America's failure in the democratization of Iraq. History shows that hard-core Leftists and other extremists care more about ideas than people. What I'm curious about are ordinary people, who are otherwise decent, fighting their initial instincts when news of Iraqi success filters its way back.

There must be legions of people in this country (among them presidential contenders) who must be suffering pangs of guilt when they realize that they are not quite as happy as they should be upon learning of good news from Baghdad - like the capture of Saddam.

I feel a little sorry for those who don't feel pride of American accomplishments - America being the greatest force for good over evil the world has ever known - but to actually catch oneself rooting for America's enemies? I can't imagine how that would feel.