Thursday, February 05, 2004

Dodge Ball

So, the same people who were claiming that Bill Clinton's draft dodging was no big deal are trying to make a big deal out of George Bush's National Guard record. Should we be surprised?

These are the same people who claim Bush lead us into war by "lying" about Iraq being an "imminent threat" and "lying" about the weapons of mass destruction. Of course, they hope you forget that Bush said the exact opposite about Iraq in the State of the Union. More important they hope you forget they were against going to war even when everybody "knew" Iraq had WMD's. Still more important they want you to forget that a lot of them were even against going into Afghanistan. Of course, everyone's already forgotten that only 10 out of 52 Democratic Senators voted in favor of Gulf War I and the liberation of Kuwait , even with U.N. Security Council approval and an international coalition, which included France and Germany. 10 out of 52.

But what they are really counting on is everyone forgetting nine-eleven.


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