Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Dead or Alive

Remember when O.J. Simpson was in the back of the Bronco with a gun to his head? I distinctly remember hoping he'd blow his brains out and save us from what I knew even then would become a circus. It would also guarantee a certain amount of justice for the murder of two innocent people.

Prior to the capture of Saddam, I was having similar thoughts. My immediate reaction upon hearing he was captured was that we missed a chance to put some closure on his rule. However, upon further reflection I think it will be good for Iraq and the world to put him on trial.

Airing the atrocities of Saddam's rule will return those issues to the forefront. The morality of our mission will be presented for all who care to see. As a purely humanitarian mission, the liberation of Iraq makes the war in Kosovo seem quaint (5,000 killed versus and estimated 300,000 to 1,000,000 murderd by the Baathists). Nearly 300 mass graves have already been uncovered.

The trial will be good for Iraq, Arabs, the United States and the world. It will also be good for George Bush, which at this point in history is the same thing.


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