Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Ride to the Airport

Many of my entries are inspired by conversations or observations. Here's another.

A friend asked me to drive her to the airport. Meeting her at a location where she was dropping off her car, I immediately noticed the "Kerry/Edwards 2004" bumper sticker on the back bumper.

I was a pretty disheartened because she is very bright and I've forwarded many articles to her over the years. I didn't expect her to read all of them, but I never recieved any return questions or comments that were negative or questioning of the material I had sent, so I was hoping it was sinking in.

Here, in the form of a bumper sticker, was stark evidence that it was not.

Most puzzling to me is that she was deeply effected by September 11th. She is from New Jersey and has visited Ground Zero. We even attended the year anniversary memorial services in San Francisco together. On several occasions she even commented that people out here "don't seem to get it".

About half way to the airport I finally turned to her and asked "Do you think Kerry will make us safer"?

To make a long story short, her reply was "I'm not sure" then the subject turned to what she always talks about renewable energy and the enviroment. This time she added secrecy and Halliburton.

Her Halliburton beef, was that the governement was not withholding the standard 10% in payments...

It seemed so trivial to me. The next day I heard a caller on a talk show make the same complaint.

So that's it, I guess. Terrorists have hijacked one of the worlds major religions and are flying airliners into skyscrapers. Rogue states are eagerly trying to develop nuclear, biological or chemical weapons and our common enemies have no qualms exploding these devised anywhere in America...and she's conserned about standard withholding fees.


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