Monday, November 29, 2004


I guess they have to complain about something.

First there were the attacks on Condolezza Rice with racist cartoons. Now the word is that Bush is surrounding himself with "yes men". Since Bush has the most diverse cabinet in this nation's history the Democrats and their allies in the press are trying to find some angle that will stick.

Bush is surrounding himself with (gasp) people who support his policies and the Democrats are concerned about the lack of dissension. They want people like Colin Powell. Colin Powell who was against not only the first Gulf War, but also the ultimate war to liberate Iraq. Colin Powell, who trusted the French and insisted on going back to the U.N. one last time. Colin Powell, who's State Department fought against giving Iraqis earlier control of levers of power in post-war Iraq.

The desire of Democrats for Bush to appoint enemies to cabinet posts isn't necessarily surprising. What is surprising is the sudden acknowledgement that "diversity" includes diversity of opinion.

Of course they won't try and sell that to our universities or media editorial rooms any time soon.


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