Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Great Night!

I watched last night's election returns at the official San Francisco GOP event. Couple interesting observations. One when I walked in. The other when I walked out.

Anyone who has ever been to a Cancer Society, Leukemia Society or any of the myriad of fundraising parties in this town can attest that the crowds are conspicuously homogeneous . Not only is there a uniform pallor to the room, the only "diversity" apparent could be described as between Yuppies (Young Urban Professionals) and DINKS (Duel Income No Kids).

Not so last evening. There were the old and the young. There were Hispanics, Blacks, Asians and Caucasians (I hope I didn't leave anybody out). I have no idea what the DNC party looked liked (I picture the Star Wars bar scene), I'm just saying I was very pleasantly surprised.

The second thing that stuck me was the atmosphere in the room after it was clear Bush was going to win. I would describe it much more as relief than jubilation. It was as if we all just thought "Thank God".

I don't imagine a room full of democrat activists would have responded to a Kerry victory in the same calm, poised manner.


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