Thursday, October 21, 2004

Trust, judgment & Politics

23 Democrats voted against the war to liberate Iraq. Nothing too surprising there. Nothing too surprising until you consider that none of these Democrat Senators raised questions about Saddam 's WMD's as their reason for their vote. Think about that - Even though they, along with everyone else in the world, believed that Saddam still had his stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, these Democrats still voted against removing him from power.

Compare that with John Kerry's vote along with 54 of his Democrat colleagues against Gulf War I even though we had U.N. Security Council approval and an international coalition that included Germany and France.

Why were 55 against war in 1991 even with their beloved U.N. blessing and only 23 against war in 2004 without? Could it be a politics? Of course its politics.

Can we trust a party that so many members base their decisions on our national security on political expediency? They cannot be trusted.


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