Monday, March 07, 2005

Judicial Appointments

The most oft cited charge levied by the opponents of president Bush's judicial appointments is that they are "out of the mainstream". It would be amusing were it not so serious.

By all indications, Americans oppose same-sex marriage by upwards of 70%. Yet, the "mainstream media" is virtually unanimous in their support. See if you can find ONE major media outlet refer to the Massachusetts Supreme Court as "out of the mainstream".

Americans oppose racial preferences by 60-70% Has the media ever referred to a judge or politician who supports racial preferences as "out of the mainstream"?

Americans support the death penalty by nearly 70%. Would the media call a judge who opposes the death penalty "out of the mainstream"?

Americans support a ban on partial birth abortion by over 70%. Did the media call the federal judges who struck down that legislation as "out of the mainstream"? Did they call ANY of the Democrat politicians (including Hillary Clinton) who opposed the legislation "out of the mainstream"?

I could go on and on regarding bilingual education, welfare reform, benefits for illegal immigrants, crime, etc...

What we have is a "mainstream media" that is distinctly not in synch with "mainstream America". The "mainstream" they refer to is the stream in which they swim with their friends and acquaintances. The river running next to them is unseen and unheard.


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