Thursday, November 10, 2005

Good News, Bad News

When the Iraqis went to the polls in droves last year and the expected violence failed to materialize the gloom from the Left was palpable. Then just last month, not only did the Iraqis returned to the polls, they ratified their constitution with even less violence than the previous successful election. The Left's reaction? Pretend it never happened (or bury the news on page A16 like the Washington Post). When Saddam was captured, Democratic Presidential candidate Howard Dean said "I guess its a good thing". When his sadist sons Uday and Qusay were killed in a firefight Mr. Dean's retort was "the ends does not justify the means".

How will this be greeted by the Left and the Democratic party? Says a lot, non?

Liberal gloom in the face of good news almost certainly doesn't just happen with significant events. It also happens with knowledge.

Should America suddenly discover huge reserves of fossil fuels in the Mojave Desert, do you think Liberals would be happy? Is new science which undermines human responsibility for global warming, such as the recent discovery of the increase in the temperature on the surface of Mars (hard to blame on humans), greeted with relief?

Let's not forget those who were hoping for an American defeat in Iraq. What do they think of good news our of Iraq? More telling, what do they think of bad news?


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