Thursday, September 23, 2004


CBS spent 5 years working on a story about President Bush's National Guard service. What's so extraordinary about that fact is that the network would spend so much time, effort and resources on an issue that most people believe is trivial. Trivial even if true. 5 years!

Besides the glaring bias evident in their fixation on Bush, something else is apparent - disingenuous.

Let me explain.

Does anybody think the Democrats would consider their candidate "unfit" for office had they used family connections to join the National Guard instead of volunteering to fight in Vietnam? Of course not.

So what are CBS and the Democrats trying to accomplish? Are they trying to persuade Republican's that Bush is unfit for office?

So even if the story were true, it wouldn't matter very much.

Now let's look at the reverse. I can't image the Republicans ever nominating a man who once accused our soldiers of war crimes (during war), met with the enemy(during war), threw his medals away (during war)... The Republicans would never consider a man with John Kerry's background as a candidate, but the Democrats would embrace Bush's.

So what is going on here? CBS is so angry at the president for whatever reason that they perused an almost meaningless story with the zeal as if it were Watergate II. They were talking to themselves.


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