Thursday, October 07, 2004


While eating breakfast on Polk Street a few weeks ago, I noticed a group of men and women waiting for their table. Several of the members wore tee shirts from a 5 kilometer run called "Race For A Change". What was remarkable was this 5K was a fundraiser for Kerry/Edwards 2004.

Change. You never see Republicans endorsing "change" for the sake of change. This also explains the "Anybody but Bush" bumper stickers that are so prevalent in this area. Did you ever see an "Anybody but Clinton" sticker? Of course not. Besides...anybody? It's silly.

This romance for "change" or "reform" without acknowledging what exactly is going to replace the existing paradigm has an emotional appeal to liberals that is not present in conservatives.

Part of the reason is that liberal positions are more based on emotion than conservative positions. Since their beliefs are not entered into logically or factually, logic and fact do not hold as much sway when trying to persuade them of their folly. What facts they do glob onto to support their beliefs seem trivial, even if accurate (i.e. Bush National Guard service, second hand smoke, Halliburton...). If you don't acknowledge greater evils, you don't have to face dealing with them.

Since I'm big on acknowledgments at this moment, let me acknowledge a possible tangent coming - Perhaps this romance of "change" also explains Liberal's greater support of the Palestinians, even thought they don't share any of the same values (women's rights, gay rights, independent judiciary, free press, open elections...). Since it actually possible to force "change" on a democratic Israel (without risking your life), liberals feel empowered bullying the Jewish state. Once again, emotions playing a powerful role in behavior.

I'm sure this is a subject that I will expand upon later.


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