Thursday, October 07, 2004

My Two Question for Kerry

Question #1

Senator Kerry, In Vietnam, we lost a war without having lost a single major
battle because Americans lost the will to continue fighting due to decreasing
public support for the war effort. Considering how we lost that war and
considering your active role in the United States losing that war by publicly
denouncing the war effort, organizing anti-war rallies and groups and even
giving false testimony against our troops in Vietnam to Congress, why should we,
as Americans think you have the capacity or even the will to win the War on

Question #2

Senator Kerry, When we lost the war in Vietnam the most visible casualty is
the continued enslavement of the southern half of the country by the
communists. Since the stakes in the War on Terror are so much greater to
Americans and to America's homeland, why would we trust someone with your
anti-war and anti-military history to conduct this life and death struggle?


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