Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Benefit of the Doubt

Earlier I was linked to an article that was questioning the ongoing significance of Obama's minister ("sounding board", "mentor", "campaign adviser" ...). A couple of the those posting comments asked readers to give Obama the "benefit of the doubt". I did.

I gave Obama the "benefit of the doubt" when he decided not to wear an American flag on his lapel. I gave Obama the "benefit of the doubt" when he didn't put his hand over his heart for the National Anthem. I gave Obama he "benefit of the doubt" when his wife said it was the first time in her adult life she was proud of her country. At some point, each of us needs to decide when the question is no longer in doubt, but a real issue. His wife's college thesis on race would have been unremarkable, were it not for her comments 20 years later that seem to confirm her thinking. Obama's racist and anti-American minister would have become an issue regardless of Obama's efforts to distance himself from him after so many years. But, does this explain Obama's earlier decision not to wear the American flag on his lapel, etc...? At some point all these dots start to connect. When will his supports stop giving him the "benefit of the doubt"?


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