Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Flight 93 - The Movie

A friend commented to me on Sept. 11 "I know you want to believe the passengers fought back. But more likely, the terrorists didn't know how to fly the plane properly and merely crashed". I replied with a sudden surprising bit of anger "I have no doubt in my mind that those passengers fought back".

The lack of recognition for the heroes of Flight 93 has always troubled me. It is, after all the moment when America started to fight back. The consequences of their heroic actions have also been largely overlooked or downplayed. Not only did they save the White House or the U.S. Senate from destruction, no one will be hijacking a plane, train, cruise ship or bus with box-cutters anytime soon - at least in the United States.

Wouldn't the passengers of Flight 93 been a wonderful choice for Time Magazines "Persons of the Year"? Time's actual choice for 2001 couldn't have illustrated our elite media's worldview any better - Kofi Annan.


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