Thursday, April 27, 2006

CIA Leak

I was listening to a discussion on the radio yesterday regarding the CIA leaks and it occurred to me - if Mary McCarthy or anyone at the CIA had passed the classified information about 'secret prisons' or 'warrentless' wiretapping of terrorist phone conversations to Al Qaeda instead of the Washington Post, there would be no question of her treason.

The consequences are the same whomever the secrets are leaked to - exposing important national secrets, damaging national security, aiding and abetting our enemies. Does the fact that her motives were merely to damage Bush exonerate her or anyone else? According to the mainstream media, apparently 'yes'.

Here's the kicker - Had she passed the information along to a foreign government - any foreign government - it would have been less damaging than giving it to the Washington Post.

If during WWII the press were populated with the types we have today, I have no doubt they would have disclosed the existence of the Manhattan Project. "Government Spending Billions on Secret Weapon", "Radioactive Bomb Can Level Entire Cities", "Concerned Scientists Demand Termination of Program", "Effects of Radioactivity Disproportionate on Children & Poor", "Dozens March on Washington"...


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