Tuesday, September 28, 2004

History Repeats

50 days before an election, one of the 3 major news organizations broadcast a report critical of a sitting president, with whom they have unhidden hostility, using forged documents.

Imagine this had happened 6 days before the election and John Kerry had squeeked out a victory.

Well, something worse than this happened in the 2000 election and nobody talks about it anymore. In 2000, most major broadcast and cable networks actually conceded Florida to Gore before the polls closed.

The western panhandle of Florida, not only is more Republican than the rest of Florida, it is in a different time zone. So when polls closed in Dade County, they were still open in Tallahassee.

Some analyst have estimated that Bush lost 10,000 votes due to voters not bothering to go to the polls. Later in the evening, the media put Florida back into play, then ultimitely awarded it to Bush.

Think for a moment about how extrodinarly that really is.

The media came within a few hundred votes of changing the election of the President of the United States - on election night.

I'd say they dodged a bullet when Bush ultimitely prevailed on all counts and recounts, but I highly suspect this was one bullet most in the media would have been willing to take.

Isn't it obvious too many are willing to take it again.


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