Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Race-Colored Glasses

Ever notice you are never asked for identification when you vote? Basically, this country's voting system is based on the honor system. The past several elections have proven, if nothing else, that some people are not honorable and perhaps its time we did something to combat fraud.

In Cynthia Tucker's world, if you think it might be a good idea for people to show some form of I.D. before voting, you are a racist.

She doesn't argue that showing I.D. is unnecessary, redundant, time consuming, impractical...No, if you favor some sort of cursory attempt to verify the people who are voting are who they say they are....you are a racist.

You have to show I.D. to drive a car, write a check or get on a plane. You may have to show I.D. to buy alcohol, get into a "PG-13" or "R" rated movie, pick up your kid from school or even use your own credit card. But asking for I.D. to vote? Racist!

Because you are a racist, Cynthia Tucker doesn't have to defend the status quo that gave us Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004. See how easy that is?


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