Monday, November 21, 2005

Trying to Snatch Defeat

In roughly two weeks Iraqis will be returning to the polls to elect a representative government. Good news! Ah, but we know how the Democrats and the Mainstream Media feel about good news.

Michael Barone writes:

The Democrats are trying to relitigate the prewar intelligence issue in the
hopes of delegitimizing this administration. But in delegitimizing the
administration, they also tend to delegitimize the efforts of the U.S.
government, including military personnel, in Iraq and generally in the war
against Islamic terrorism. To the extent they delegitimize the United
States, they are hurting the cause of freedom for millions of people. ...

The Democrats who are peddling the Big Lie of "Bush lied" are
doing so either (a) deliberately to injure the cause of the United States
and of freedom in the world or, as I think, (b) with reckless disregard of
whether they injure the cause of the United States and of freedom in the
world. What they are doing may suit their political needs, but it hurts our

Ralph Peters
wonders if the Democrats even consider the consequences of an American defeat:

So what if hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners might die in a regional war? So what if violent fundamentalism gets a shot of steroids? So what if we make Abu Musab al-Zarqawi the most successful Arab of the past 500 years?

For God's sake, don't talk about democracy in the Middle East. After all, democracy wasn't much fun for the Dems in 2000 or 2004. Why support it overseas, when it's been so disappointing at home?

Human rights? Oh, dear. Human rights are for rich white people who live in Malibu. Unless you can use the issue to whack Republicans. Otherwise, brown, black or yellow people can die by the millions. Dean, Reid & Pelosi, LLC, won't say, "Boo!"

He then adds:

Not one of the critics of our efforts in Iraq - not one - has described his or her vision for Iraq and the Middle East in the wake of a troop withdrawal.

His conclusion?

What do the Democrats fear? An American success in Iraq.

I would only add "Republican" to that sentiment.

I'm wondering if the Democrats are so invested in the "Vietnamation" of war that they cannot conceive of what victory means anymore.

After all, if "War IS the Answer" their world view takes another in a long series of beatings.


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