Friday, January 06, 2006

Alito's Accusers

Powerline has a post about the coming slander of Judge Alito. Apparently one of those on the witness list compiled by Senate Democrats is an animal rights nut. Powerline links to his article that ran in the L.A. Times.

Lest you think his views are not consistent with the radical animal rights crowd, the link is to an outfit called Raw Food Info, not the L.A. Times. They're proud of it.

Here's the email I sent to Powerline:

While I in no way condone the suffering of animals, comparing the slaughtering of animals to the slaughtering of humans is morally confused, at best. He trivializes the holocaust by equating the attempted systematic extermination of an entire race of people, only 60 years ago in the center of one of the worlds most advanced societies to an industry that feeds, clothes and employs millions of people. I also think he does his own cause no good since most people are repulsed by such sentiments.

"Comparisons to the Holocaust are not only appropriate but inescapable because, whether we wish to admit it or not, cows, chickens, pigs and turkeys are as capable of feeling loneliness, fear, pain, joy and affection as we are."

"As capable"?!?!? Have you ever read a more foolish statement? Do you think a chicken suffers as much pain as a human when a sibling, a parent, a friend (of course chicken's have friends, right?) dies? " capable of feeling loneliness, fear, pain, joy and affection..." Amazing.

Mr., Dujack does not elevate the status of animals to that of humans, he lowers humans to that of animals. That, Mr. Dujack is how "ordinary people" ran the gas chambers, stoked the crematoriums, drove the slave trains, cooked the gruel, made the "lampshades, soaps and other "useful" products" from their dead bodies,...and all of the other aspects of the industry needed to support the holocaust. They equated them with animals.

There's more than a little bit of irony here.

Powerline also points out the farcical - "Dujack will be part of the Democrats' effort to paint Alito as a dangerous extremist"


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