Monday, January 30, 2006

The Car You Keyed

She was raised in communist Poland, with few freedoms
and many fears - several members of her family had
"disappeared" after being taken into custody, never
charged with any crime.

After the collapse of the communist regime, she left
her family and her homeland a few months after her
20th birthday. Living in France, she worked two jobs
on evenings and weekends to support herself while
obtaining her degree in Law.

She worked 60+ hour weeks in Paris for an American law
firm for the next few years, having 60% of her income
confiscated by taxes.

A little over two years ago, she moved to San
Francisco. With limited English , she spent her little
savings and mortgaged her life with student loans in
order to obtain her Masters in Law from Hastings

On May 22 of this year, she learned she passed the
California Bar Exam. Two weeks later she purchased the
first new car she'd ever owned.

Neither she nor the estimator failed to notice that
you, the vandal, had taken care to scratch more than
one panel on a car that is yet to have license plates.


I don't expect this to have any effect on you. Good
people feel bad, even when shouldn't. Bad people don't
feel bad, even when they should.

Just don't kid yourself about the type of person you


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