Monday, January 09, 2006

What Does It Take?

The former warden of San Quentin wrote an Open Forum in the Chronicle trying to derail the scheduled execution of a multiple murderer. Here's my letter in response:

Editor - Let me get this straight. Dan Vasquez notes that Clarence Ray
Allen "ordered 3 murders from his prison cell" then calls Mr. Allen a "model
prisoner"? What's a fella got to do to be executed around here? Kill
somebody? A man who once ordered murders from prison is an unusual choice
to label as "no risk".

Besides, most of us aren't impressed by someone who's a model citizen while
under 24 armed guard. It's just not that impressive.

The issue isn't "threat to society", "retribution", "revenge" or even
"deterrence". The issue is justice - notably missing in Mr. Vasquez's
defense of Clarence Ray Allen (along with the names of the victims) until
the very last word.

Turns out Mr. "Vasquez has been has been retained by the legal team for Allen and that the op-ed reflected remarks from the brief Vasquez was paid to write for the clemency review undertaken by Allen's legal team". I'm not surprised..


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