Friday, March 17, 2006

WMD's? It Won't Matter

Yesterday's Investor's Business Daily had an article on Saddam's captured documents cache:

In the early stages of the war that began three years ago, the U.S. captured thousands of documents from Saddam and his spy agency, the Mukhabarat. It's been widely thought the documents could shed light on why Saddam behaved as he did and how much of a threat his evil regime represented.Yet, until this week, the documents lay molding in boxes in a government warehouse. Now the first batch is out, and though few in number, they're loaded with information.Among the enduring myths of those who oppose the war is that Saddam, though murderous when it came to his own people, had no weapons of mass destruction and no terrorist designs outside his own country. Both claims now lie in tatters.

Further down:

Even as the media studiously avoid these new documents —- just as they avoided 500 hours of Saddam's personal tapes showing his scheming on WMD - it's clear the U.S. did the right thing in invading Iraq and taking out a formative terrorist threat

Of course, all of this won't make any difference in people's opinions on the war. Those who opposed the liberation of 25 million Iraqis from Saddam's rule did so even when they believed he had weapons of mass destruction. Why should the revelation that they actually did exist make a difference to them now? Even more interesting - since they didn't care before, why did the apparent lack of WMD stockpiles send them into such apoplectic seizures in the first place?


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