Thursday, March 15, 2007

Global Warming Questions

Here are a couple questions for those who unquestionably accept the prevailing global warming hysteria (and with it the demands for more government control, regulations, taxes....)

1. How much has the earth "warmed" the past 100 years?
2. How much should the earth have warmed without human influence?
3. In return for hundreds of trillions of dollars to combat Global Warming we can expect what level of actual reduction in average temperatures in 100 years?
4. What percentage of yearly CO2 creating is caused by humans vs nature?

1. Less than one degree
2. Unknown
3. Less than .05 degrees (imperceptible, statistically insignificant)
4. 6% if you don't count water vapor (the most significant greenhouse 'gas'). .028% if you count water vapor.