Friday, December 05, 2008

Think About It

During the height of the Iraq War, I often wondered if good news actually depressed the anti-war crowd. Even more telling, I wondered if bad news, like American soldiers getting killed did more than energize them, but actually gave them pleasure. Then a couple journalists admitted to just that. Think about it.

Recently in Virginia, there was speculation that the DNA analysis of a man executed for murder might prove he was innocent of the crime. I am certain that a majority of the anti-capital punishment crowd was disappointed when the test confirmed he was the killer. Imagine being disappointed that the State executed the right man.

The same situation will eventually arise with the global warming crowd should we have a few more years of cooling.

From Little Green Footballs comes another example:

US News | Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 4:50:14 pm PST

Here’s a great post at Closing Velocity on today’s successful test of the Ground-Based Interceptor missile defense system: ‘MARK INDIA!’ = Mark Intercept: GBI Successfully Kills Inbound ICBM In Landmark Test.

As I mentioned yesterday, this test was tremendously important for several reasons:

* It was the first flight test of the GBI since Sept. 2007.

* GBI’s are the interceptors we plan to install in Poland. The US-based GBI tested today is a 3-stage interceptor, while the European-based GBI will be a simpler 2-stage version (basically just the upper 2 stages of today’s GBI).

* President-elect Obama has repeatedly said he would only support deploying “proven” missile defense technology to Europe. Okie-freakin-dokie.

I imagine there are lots peaceniks disappointed that Star Wars works. Think about that.