Monday, October 20, 2008

Check List

Do you believe Unions should have secret ballots?

Obama doesn't

Do you believe that we should have open trade with our strongest ally in South America?

Obama doesn't

Do you believe that America should immediatley open up drilling offshore?

Obama doesn't

Do you believe that America should immediatley take steps to increase our nuclear power generating capabilities?

Obama doesn't

Do you believe in racial preferences for education, Federal contracting and hiring?

Obama does (thought I'd slip in an affirmative)

Do you believe that English should be the official language of the United States?

Obama doesn't. He even thinks the question is divisive. Huh?

Illegal aliens driver's licenses?

Obama coy.

Same sex marriage?

Do you really believe him?

Do you think that a person's post tax life savings should be taxed at their death?

Obama does big time.

Do you think appointed judges should legislate from the bench?

Obama does.

Do you believe in tort reform or loser pays?

Obama doesn't

Do you believe in offering parents a choice in which schools to send their children?

Obama doesn't.

Do you believe the United States should disarm itself of nuclear weapons?

Obama does.

The Fraud

It has been repeated many times that people just don't care about William Ayers or the Reverend Wright. People are worried about jobs and the economy...

The problem with that is that democrats and, more important, the media didn't care prior to the present financial crisis. The truth is that Obama supporters are not about to let a few little truths awake them from their trance.

The main truth is that Obama is quite simply a fraud.

He is running as a post-partisan, trans-racial, reformer. Not only is there nothing in his past to indicate he possess any of these characteristics, everything from his past indicates he is the opposite.

In Chicago, known for more than anywhere in America for machine politics, Obama was the hand-picked successor to the incumbent. When it came time for the election, this "reformer" successfully had all 3 of his opponents disqualified from the ballot for legal technicalities and ran unopposed.

Obama was the most liberal (partisan) Senator in the 100 member U.S. Senate.

Obama was a member of a race baiting, conspiracy peddling, America hating, anti-Semitic, Afro-centric church for 20 years. Obama referred to the Reverend Wright as his "mentor", "sounding board", and "spiritual advisor".

Like I said earlier, don't expect a few truths to get in the way of a good story.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

John McCain - Frustrating

I am certain that I am not alone when I say that watching John McCain debate is an exercise in frustration. His problem? He just doesn't drive his points home. Rather than emphasize or explain a vitally important point, he moves on to another and another only to repeat the mistake he made on the first. The result is the dilution of each point and the issue floats off into the ether.

When McCain finally mentioned that America has the second highest corporate tax rates in the industrialized world he needed to explain the effects of such high taxation - it makes American companies less competitive. McCain needed to go on and explain the effects of being uncompetitive - Obama's policies actually encourage companies to move offshore and will hurt job creation here. This creates more tax users instead of tax payers, more without health insurance, a slowing economy...all of these things are related and a downward spiral is created. You can't simply mention in passing that we have high corporate tax rates and expect people to understand. Only then will McCain have explained the consequences of Obama's plan to raise American corporate tax rates to even higher levels.

Another problem with John McCain is the follow up. When Obama was effectively talking his way out of his vote against giving medical care to babies who survive abortions, McCain needed to interject "what was the vote"?. Senator Obama was the lone Illinois State Senator against that bill. When Obama was effectively distancing himself from Bill Ayers by claiming that his political career was not launched in Ayers' living room, McCain needed to ask Obama directly "Have you ever been in Bill Ayers' living room"? Then followed up that with "What was the purpose of being there"? Why did Bill Ayers host your party?

The final problem is passion. He needed to personalize Bill Ayers and his wife, Berndine Dohrn. He needed to emphasize that Bill Ayers was a bomb maker. He made bombs to kill people - Americans. His group did kill Americans including law enforcement officers. Today, Bill Ayers has photos of one cop killer on the front door of his office and he named his son after yet another. His wife, who was once on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List actually celebrated the Manson murders". McCain should have looked at Obama and said "Do you know her quote, Senator"? “Dig it, first they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach! The fork symbol was their salute. Did you know she said this, Senator? People like that don't change, Senator". Finally he needed to say to the country "It's not just Ayers and his wife. What kind of man sits in the pews of an America hating, race-baiting, conspiracy peddling, anti-Semitic pastor for 20 years then calls this man his 'Sounding Board', 'Mentor' and 'Spiritual Advisor'"? "I don't know anyone who was once on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List. I never did business with a bomb maker and I never set foot in a America hating church. I spent my life in service and sacrifice to this country as did my father and my father's father as are my children".

When asked about VP's, McCain once again made a vital point in passing. Joe Biden voted against Desert Storm, the authorization of force to remove Saddam from Kuwait. Remember, we had UN Security Council approval, Arab allies and their beloved France on board. Still, Biden and the Democrats voted "NO". McCain needed to paint the world had Biden (and the Democrats) prevailed then - Saddam would be nuclear, threatening Europe and probably in control of Saudi Arabia for starters. Then he needed to connect that vote with Biden's vote in support of Enduring Freedom, the authorization of force to remove Saddam from power. By his own admission, Biden now condemns that vote. Add that to his "NO vote for the Alaska Pipeline and you've got a man who, with hindsight is 0 for 3 in his own mind on the three most significant votes in his career. Tying this together with McCain's running mate he should have added "Its a question of judgement. I feel safe to say that had Sarah Palin been in that position, she would be 3 for 3". "As for her experience, she is the most popular governor in the U.S., running a state that is larger than any member of the European Union. I find that compares quite favorably with the man sitting next to me running for president".

Joe the Plumber was useful, but McCain did a poor job connecting all of Obma's policies that will effect him and all Americans. Obama wants to "spread the wealth around". More significantly, he wants to spread Joe's wealth around and make us all less wealthy. When you tax productivity and subsidize unproductivity you get...more unproductivity! In the first debate, to the moderater's great credit, Obama was asked to comment on how tax cuts by JFK, Reagan and Bush actually brought in increased tax revenues. Obama's answer was revealing. He mentioned "fairness". So it didn't matter that tax hikes brought in less tax revenue to Obama. He wants 'the rich' to pay a higher rate out of fairness, even if they pay less in actual dollars. McCain needed to connect "spread the wealth around" with "fairness" and Obama's tax plan. Obama's tax plan is to give tax breaks to 95% of tax paying families when 40% don't pay taxes. How do you give tax breaks to people who don't pay taxes? You give them a "refundable tax credit". Joe's money given to someone else with Obama as the middleman. With the threat of imprisonment, "Obama will take Joe's hard earned money and give it to someone else that Obama wants to have it". "How much"? "The government will decide". If this is not redistribution then the word has no meaning.

If this is the America you envision, then vote Obama.