Thursday, October 15, 2009

Clarity on Obama, Health Care & the Nobel Prize

What better confirmation of the line, "Liberals care about intentions, conservatives care about consequences", does one need than Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize?  It was, after all, explicitly awarded on the basis of "hope" over any meaningful accomplishments.

I have no doubt, with history and an understanding of human nature as my guide, that Obama's foreign policy will not bring us any closer to "peace".  Laying down your guard in hopes the other person won't hit you, will not work with the Russian Dictator, Iranian Mullahs, North Korean demigod or the Chavez's of this world, any more than it would have worked with Hitler, Stalin, Hirohito, Krushchev, Brazhnev, Andropov, Chernenko,...

In fact, Obama's foreign policy will, like most liberal policies, not merely fail, but have the opposite effect of his intentions.

But the consequences are not what matters to the Left.  It is his intentions.  And for that, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Last night I had another confirmation of this saying with regards to health care reform. 

My mother is a very compassionate person and is greatly concerned that some people have to go to emergency rooms for health care.  She thinks providing health care is a legitimate role of the government, and frankly didn't much care how much it costs, or the seen and unforeseen consequences. 

It is difficult to make an impact on somebody with that perspective.

Liberals care about intentions.  Conservatives care about consequences.