Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I wasn't able to watch the entire VP debates last evening. However, I did catch one exchange that I believe displays how un-serious Kerry/Edwards are, in these serious times.

I've written below, how the moment I hear "Halliburton" I know I'm not dealing with a serious person. Basically, terrorist are flying jumbo jets into skyscrapers and they are worried about a company?!?!?

Just as Edwards/Kerry deride and insult our coalition (and honor those countries who opposed us) by calling them "bribed and coerced", just as Edwards/Kerry insult our Iraqi allies, who are taking the gravest risks and paying the highest costs, by ignoring their contributions, Edwards/Kerry disparage the workers of Halliburton, who are also risking their lives in Iraq trying to give the people power, clean water, and a decent life. Over 40 contractors and employees of Halliburton have been killed.

While we are on the subject, I wish Cheney would have answered Senator Edwards remarks by saying "Yes, I am guilty of leading one of the world's largest corporations. A proud corporation that is in Iraq, Kosovo and other places around the globe because it has capabilities that no other company has. May I remind you, that while I was running this corporation, Mr. Kerry was in the midst of a completely undistinguished 20 year career in government, in between marrying one woman worth $200 million dollars and another now worth in the neighborhood of $1 billion. Mr. Edwards, here was busy making his fortune by suing doctors prior to his equally undistinguished, yet to be completed, one term in the Senate".

"Now, I ask all of you out there; whom do you trust with our economy and creating jobs? The president, who has a Masters of Business from Harvard and myself or these two lawyers?


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